About Us


About Us

KidzWL is a web application that was launched in 2015 and is fully dedicated to help you create, organize and share your wishlists. In addition, KidzWL also makes it easy for your family and friends to see your wishes and ultimately make a decision to buy them for you. When they show an intent to purchase your wish, we will track that intention and provide you with a good idea of what wishes your family and friends are mostly interested to buy for you.

KidzWL employs the latest and best technologies to make the process of creating Wishlist straightforward for both the Wishlist Creator and Potential Wish Fullfiller.



The process of creating a Wishlist is easy to follow and we help you through it. KidzWL takes wishlist creation to the next level and employs a process that is unique and simple. Once signed up, a member can create a Profile, which will include as many Wishlists as desired and can also be shared. Once this unique Profile is created, Wishlists can be added with a name that represents your special moment. Typically, our members create Birthday, Christmas and Graduation Wishlists. However, you can create Wishlists for anything. With your first Wishlist created, you can start adding items to it. Items can be added manually or by using Amazon. In the near future, we will add more ways to add Wishlists from any websites. Once your new wishlist is filled with items, your Wishlist will be available to your family and friends, but it can also be shared to Facebook and other social media platforms.



KidzWL is a member of the Amazon Associates Program, which is an advertising program designed to provide site owner's with a commission in the event that a product is sold when a link is clicked from a participating website.





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