Gifts from wishlists give more happiness

May 22, 2016, 11:52 PM
Gifts from wishlists give more happiness

Giving away gifts to children in need is possibly one of the best ways to spread a smile and happiness. To top it, if the gift matches the items on the wishlist of the child, his or her joy would not know any boundaries. So the next important question that comes is what items usually finds their place in the wishlist of a boy or a girl. We will take a quick look at some of the most desired wishlist items so that we know what would make that smile even wider.

Wishlist of a child who is not very well to do

Children whose parents cannot afford many gifts for them do not have many items on their wishlist. What is possibly the basic need of most children would be there on the luxury wishlist of these poor children. School uniform pants, tennis shoes, soccer ball, board games, coloring books, story books etc. would make wonderful gifts for these children and in most likeliness, it would match their wishlist as well.

Wishlist of a general child

Children who usually get everything that they need from their parents would have a totally different wishlist. A boy’s wishlist would possibly comprise of the latest video games, a digital camera, a kindle, an iPad or an iPod, laptops, complete soccer kit, different types of costumes that would include the superhero costumes like  Captain America or Spiderman among others.

A girl’s wishlist would be less techie and would revolve more around make up items and items related to dolls and doll houses. While inclination towards the latest Smartphone would also be there on the girl’s wishlist, but she would be more interested in adding different makeup items like the headbands, wristlets or bracelets, necklaces, grooming kit from some of the most renowned brands of the world.

A point to remember

No matter what item is there on the wishlist of a child, before giving it to them, you got to ensure that the child gets the feeling that he is getting the item from his wishlist because he has earned it. This way, you would be grooming the child to know that there is nothing called a free lunch and to get the gift of his or her choice, they have to achieve something, no matter how trivial that achievement may be. This will not only help them grow up as matured kids, but will also develop the sense of self respect which will help them when they grow up to fulfill the wish lists of other children. 

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